Tadiandamol trek is one of the most beautiful, though less known ,treks in karnataka .
It is the highest peak in coorg/kodagu district with an elevation of 5740ft.

The trail you go through the vast expanse of the Shola forsts,through endless lush green grasslands and streams.
Tadiayandamol peak height is 1740 mts from sea level. This is second tallest peak in Karnataka . Tallest peak in Coorg. 
Mainly there are two trek routes. 1) Aramane / Palace route 2) Honey Vally route
Here is map of Aramane / Palace trek route. Peak is 8 Kms from main road(Main road is marked in Black colour).


If you are travelling by public vehicle  : Get down just 2 kms before  Kakabe (from Virajpet side). Get down just after zigzag curve. you can request to stop at Aramane/Palace stop. 
If you are travelling by private vehicle : If you are travelling from Virajpet route then just before kakkabe you will hit zigzag road which is marked in black in above map. Take left just after zigzag curve. You need to proceed in the this road for another 4 Kms.
The initial part of the trek is via a tarred road and surprisingly the same road goes all the way to the peak without taking any diversions. But at one point trekkers might be confused, which is a Y fork they might encounter almost halfway, and at this point one has to take a left.  The road goes through all the phases possible. Initial tarred road to  jeep trail to  bike trail and finally a trekking trail. The initial part of the road is dotted with numerous estates and resorts, primarily coffee and cardamom ones. 
You will find small water stream here. You can fill water if you require. Route from here to foothill of the peak is around 2.6 Kms. This is mud road. Keep left in Y junction. This stretch is easy. After trekking 2.6 kms you will find big rock which is best place for Camping. You will find water source very much nearby. If you are planning to camp then this is best option. you will find plenty of wood for your fire camp. Wind will be much lesser than peak.
As you gain elevation the views started to get better, surrounded by absolute greenery and greeted every now and then by some cheerful mini waterfalls flowing across the trail. Soon enough you came across a clearing and you will suddenly get the first clear view of the Tadiyandamol peak and the lesser dominant peaks flanking it, and this clearly was a “WOW!!!!” moment of the trek. The weather so far was quite pleasant and from this spot onwards the trail was going through grasslands. During post monsoons you will encounter some leeches (1-2 bites each).
 With an elevation of close to 45 deg, the last 1km was the most taxing part of the entire trek. But we you'll be welcomed by so many wild flowers which have sprung up post-monsoons. When you are close to reaching the peak, you will suddenly engul by mist   Finally we reached the top, where clouds were playing hide and seek providing some enchanting views.
After this Big rock,  peak is around 1.6 kms far. Trek trail is much steeper.  You need to cross small stretch of sholla forest. Dont try to take any shortcuts.  Hardly 4 - 6 tents can accommodate in the peak. [Warning : On the peak there will be high speed wind. You check weather report just before going,] Just after rainy season finding wood for fire camp will be difficult, you need to carry this from base camp. 
There are two best places for camp. 1) At the foothills of the peak that is near to the big rock. This is best place for camp. You will get water near by. Big rock gives you protection from water. Ground is flatter for camping. you will get wood for campfire. 2) At the peak. Only 4-6 tents will accommodate at the peak. So if you are trekking in long weekend then better reach early to the peak. But there is no water at the peak. so you need to carry. Normally high wind will be there at the peak so just check wind in weather forecast.  

Warning : Please keep campfire overnight if you are camping at the foothills. This is because observed  Elephants activity recently in this area.