Why contribute a travel blog guest post on TravelVigo?

A travel site guest post offers an opportunity to reach a new audience or build a portfolio of work as a freelance writer.  Our travel community is your platform for an INDIAN related writing, photos and even videos.
  • We only link to independent travel blogger websites.  

What type of posts are we looking for?

Single Travel Photo of the Day,Photo Essays,Travel Videos and of course Travel Writing. Our blog is extremely visual, therefore we look for articles that focus heavily on pictures.  High quality photo essays work best.  Articles with a lot of text and few or low quality photographs won’t do well on our site.  These types of submissions will probably be turned down.  Write about a destination, a how-to article or a discussion piece.  It is important that you submit your best work, considering it’s an opportunity to expose your name to a new audience for the first time.  If the article does well on our site you have the potential of  a backlink from a page with a good Google PageRank.  This is why we try to assist you in providing content that works well with our travel community.

Do I Get Credit?

Yes, you get credit for your work.  I will include a snippet at the beginning of the article which will include a link to your website.  Please do not provide any backlinks within the content of the article.  We will include the link ourselves.

Guest Post Policies

  1. Material must be new, no previously published content. Photos previously used can be submitted within a collection or as a Travel Photo of the Day.
  2. At no point can this content be used on your own website or any other website, unless first agreed upon (this policy exists because Google doesn’t appreciate duplicate content, nor do we want to compete directly with you on identical articles.)
  3. You are the copyright owner of the content, but give us publication rights
  4. Avoid articles that are heavy on text and short on photos. A long read can sometimes be a difficult sell
  5. A minimum of 3 photos (at least 600px width not stretched) must be provided with the content for an article, but we prefer more
  6. If you are providing a Travel Photo of the Day, the minimum width is 1024px
  7. Send the photos in an email
  8. For all posts, please provide a 1024px wide photo which is the best photo in the article.  We will use this photo to promote the article on FB and G+.
  9. Keep images to a small file size so they load quickly, less than 400kb
  10. You are responsible for the promotion of your content through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.
  11. Provide your name as you would like it to appear in the post
  12. Provide a small bio to be included at the bottom of the post
  13. Write your best stuff, not the stuff you don’t want on your blog
  14. Use a collection of your best photos to really have the article take off – Photo Essays do best
  15. We will alter your photo with text overlay and digital adjustments when posting on G+,Facebook and twitter.

Changes to the Post

We do reserve the right to make editing changes to your post, however they will usually remain minor.  These include changing the title of the post, moving pictures around, adding links, adding keywords and adding or moving headings. This is all intended to assist in the promotion of your post.

Submitting Guest Post

Send your best guest post ideas to travelsitetravelvigo@gmail.com and  we will try to reply within a day.