1) Route-1 : Via Santosh hotel :   If you are coming from Shimoga, you will hit small village "Nittur", you required to proceed 5.5 Kms on same road. you will find small mud road towards your left. If you are travelling by public vehicle then you can get down here and start your trek. If you are travelling by private vehicle then you can carry on till "Hotel Santosh". Distance between Main road and Hotel Santosh is around 5.5 KMS. You will find breakfast or basic food here. Actual trek starts from this point. Distance between "Hotel Santosh" and "PWD guest house" is about 4 KMS. Initial part of this stretch is much steep. You need to trek inside forest, You will find here "leeches world" in post monsoon. couple of times you will come out of the forest and again your trek trail enters to the forest. After trekking 4KMS you will find PWD guest house. PWD guest house offers you accommodation and food(basic food)
2) Route-2 : Via Hindumane falls :  If you are travelling from Shimoga side then you will find trek starting point before Nittur (1.5 KMS before Nittur ).
This is very easy roue as you will be walking on tar road, need to walk 2.5 Kms Approx. till primary school(If you have private vehicle then you can take vehicle till till primary school).  You need to take right turn.  
 This trek trail  also easy (If you have private vehicle then your vehicle can go up to little more distance then road condition is not that good, you can park your vehicle), There are many small roads which may make you little confuse(If you are taking this trek route then better to get guide along with you).
 This trek stretch  is most difficult part of your trek. You will find beautiful Hindumane falls on the way. [Warning: During monsoon make sure that Hindumane falls is not overflowing as you need to cross this falls], This is pretty steep climb inside forest. Length of this stretch is around 2 KMS.

However the trek from Hidlumane falls side is popluar and I am going to write about this.

If you are traveling in the bus,from bangalore,take the bus which will go to Kollur via shimoga & ask the conductor of the bus to stop at Sigandur cross &start the trek at this point and cover the HIDLUMANE FALLS.So for this you have to start at the MARAKUTTAKA BUS STOP .
So I suggest you to alight at Sigandur Cross and walk back 2-3 kms for MARAKUTTAKA BUS STOP. Take a deviation which is right next to the bus stop.
This trail that leads you into the forest from MARAKUTTAKA BUS STOP
Walk until you find a stream which has to be crossed.
This Stream you have to cross will make you go to HIDLUMANE FALLS.
After crossing the stream,you start walking towards the HIDLUMANE FALLS,by following the path that was there.You will however pass through a couple of villages you can ask the direction from villagers .After walking some distance you will reach  HIDLUMANE VILLAGE,which has a lot of paddy fields which we have to cross through to get into the forest and then the HIDLUMANE FALLS.

The Hidlumane falls is a stream of seven falls which fall as a set of seven steps.The first and the second falls are small and are very easy to climb.Once you are on the top of the second falls,the trail becomes increasingly difficult to make out and the path also is difficult to climb.However follow the trail till you reach the top of the SIXTH falls and here you are at the last falls,the water here falls from a height of about fifty meters and when you stand below the falls,the feeling is absolutely refreshing.The last falls is really worth the trek...!!!

After having a shower at the HIDLUMANE,you can start off to the peak.The Path from HIDLUMANE VILLAGE to the falls and the path from the village to the peak is tricky and can lead to misadventures....BE CAREFUL!!
After having started from the falls,you should take the trail to the right of the falls(when facing the falls),crossing a boulder,and taking the trail.Here there is a deviation to be taken and act carefully. .From this intersection point, another 1.5 kms distance was remaining to reach the temple on top. But mind you that was not the peak. You can get the food at the temple from BHATRU staying there, If you want  to see the sunset from the peak , start the trek to the peak which is again 2 km from this temple place.

The peak is about twenty minutes trek from Bhatru mane and you leave Bhattru Mane to watch the sunset.After the trek,you reach the peak which has a Sarvagna Peetha.It is told that the late Adi Shankaracharya performed penance at this place and so it is famous as Sarvagna Peetha.The view that was to follow will be breathtakin.The sun changing from a blazing ball to a serene orange colored sphere...Nature at it's best!!!
After that mesmerizing sunset, you can come back to the temple area and by  jeep you can go back to the foot hill or you can go to the homestay which is nearer to the temple.

The Bhattru mane that was referred to is at the base camp of the KODACHADRI.The base camp has a temple that is famous and usually the tourists from Kerala,who come to KOLLUR,make it a point to come to KODACHADRI as well.
It was KODACHADRI,that was shown as Mugilpete, in the kannada movie Gaalipata.
Kodachadri is a lovely place to be and I heard that it is even better after the rainy season,with greenery everywhere as if someone painted all the hills green.!!!
If you can carry a tent from Bangalore,and want to stay at the peak for the night and put up a
campfire,there is nothing like it.

Bhattru Mane to Kollur via Arishinagundi falls:
The route had to be the same till KAKA hotel(HOTEL SANTOSH) as the rout to KARAKATTE(Kodachadri Gate).After the hotel,a deviation has to be taken and the trek passes through dense,thick forests with possibly no human habitation.I strongly recommend a guide for this trek from the hotel,as there are a couple of points in the forset which may lead to misadventures...
The trek to Arishinagundi has to be done carefully,or there is a possibility that you would sprain your ankle
Arishinagundi falls:A lot of people on the trek to Kodachadri would not risk visiting it.But I suggest you to go to this place as this is amazingly breathtaking.This unlike other falls into a lake which is about eight feet deep and you will have to swim all the way to the falls to experience it.
Truly a MINDBLOWING Experience.!!!
From the falls start the trek back to KOLLUR main road which is about six kilometers from the falls.
From KOLLUR main road ,you can get a lot of buses to Bangalore.


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