Western Ghats has an unique identifications and hided many more natural beautiesin it which a common man can’t reach the place.  Bandaje Arbi Falls is one of those places which flow 365 days in a year.Bandaje Arbi Falls located in Charmudi ghat in Dakshina Kannada district,around 12km away from Ujire which is close to dharmasthala and trek base point is Mundajje.One need to have strong determination and strength to reach this falls and enjoy the Mother Nature glory.Reach Ujire (via Dharmasthala) in the morning.Finish your morning itinerary and then start for the trek. Bandaje falls is around 16 km from trek initial point. 


Bangalore - Mundajje - Bandajje Falls - Night Camp - 

Ballalarayanadurga - Sunkasale - Horanadu - Bangalore

You have to take a private vehicle from ujire(dharmsthala) till the 'gowdru mane' or 'babu nayak house' which is in mundajje.You have to cross the last house ‘Babu Nayak’ and take right path to proceed towards the Bandaje Arbi falls. 
The real trek starts and you can understand that the whole way is steep ascending almost 15km.
The forest is completely thick and humidity is more.
The steep ascend is continued again,and after taking number of breaks and breaks at last you will reach the grassland.  Bandaje 70% path is covered by thick forest and rest is in open grass land. Now the real challenge begins. You can be able to view the beautiful falls from grass land and feel reach within short time. But no!!
 Grass land path also very difficult to ascend and after a continuous trek of one hour,you can reach the glorious Bandaje Arbi Falls.

One will forget the tiredness by seeing the falls.  It’s amazing and wonderful.  
The one stream falls almost 400 meters down and you need to have courage to view the depth of the falls.  You  should be very careful here.  There are many instances where people have lost their valuable life.  There is no such boundary or 
fencing and moreover the rock is very slippery.Whoever visits the place, be carefuland don’t try to play any nonsense things here.
(You can set up your base camp nearer to this place). 

You can head to second destination to conquer the Ballalarayna Durga.The distance of the fort is
almost 6-7km from falls and minimum 2 hours journey.
Nothing will change in the ascend except few steps flat surface.  You can able to enjoy the beautiful view of the entire valley.

After few kilometer treks, you can be able to view the fort but you need to walk almost more than one hour.  The last part of the portion is very difficult and examines our strength. 

Except the shattered walls nothing much at Ballalarayana Durga however you can enjoy the Mother Nature and beautiful valley.  

You can spend sometime and leave the fort.From fort onward no ascend only you have to descend the 6 km.  

You will enter forest before reaching the jeep track from where you can get private vehicles.