In the time we are living in, there is a hard rock castle we have build in, not allowing ourselves to cross. I remember the time when we as a child were so eager to go outside to play and spend some time with our friends. But now when I see our new generation I feel a little worried and disappointed. Worried about them and disappointed in ourselves. Maybe we have not been the perfect role models for outdoor activities. But here, this time, I am not going to blame this fast-paced life. We have to set our time in a way that would allow us to work and have a fun life too.
We cannot neglect the fact that outdoor activities allow us to be more productive in our day to day activities. And share the family bond we have now somehow lost.
I am not saying to ban the online games or throughout the television sets or anything, but just take out some time for fresh air and if possible go out somewhere a little far. Here are few outdoor activities you should try often.
These sports are so trending that we cannot take our eyes off once it’s from the Television. So why not take our kids or friends in a good, big ground for a match or two.


Whenever I can, I tell people about my love for the sea. The serenity, the calm, the soothing nature of the sea has always held me tight to its shore and sometimes offshore too. Kayaking is something I have been doing for a long time with my family. My wife and I annually plan a kayaking trip for our family. Do try it, the sea has a special way of making people come closer.

If there is a non-sporty person around you, or you are fed up with activities taking a lot out of you. You can always find something low key and fun like Pictionary. Make two teams; arrange chalks, duster, board, and you are good to go. Take this game to a park if you can.

What you have to do to play twister outside? Just take a round shape stencil and spray paint on the grass. With no changes in rules, you can have fun outside your castle.
It is the oldest water sport that I can think of right now. It makes us patient, gain body strength, boosts the immune system, promotes relaxation, improves health, and supports traveling desire and what not.
We are all familiar with this game in question. So just go ahead with your teams, use all your strength and be the warrior you always wanted to be. Spice things up with giving a reward to the winning team.

Every activity listed above can end up with a barbeque party. Because food is a must, no matter what!

Author bio: Tom is a blogger and a nature lover. He is obsessed with traveling and adventures and that too with his family. He believes that water has a steady hold of him. He regularly writes about his experiences at

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